Maggie Shen的作品,從彈性布裝置的自我空間,走入與民眾貼近的公共空間,再到藝術治療領域的臨床經驗。人生歷經不同階段的試煉---藝術家到治療師,從人妻到人母。Maggie Shen從來沒有忘記自己。她的作品充滿了女性的柔軟與堅定,具有反思性及內在力量,飽含母性的關愛與對未來的積極期盼。重返創作,這次選擇用畫筆娓娓敘述,用筆觸走進人的心靈空間,關心大家的well being。


Maggie Shen F.J.'s best known artwork includes public soft sculpture installations. Her working space has evolved from public space to the personal inner space while working as an art therapist. The evolution of her work parallels her own evolution from fine artist to therapist and teacher; from single to married and to a mother. Her multi-faceted work reflects at once the softness and steadiness of feminine strengths. She uses brushes and papers to walk into the space of one's heart and convey care for one's well being.